Imagine a world where grocery shopping is as simple as walking into your garden and grabbing what you need or trading with a neighbour. Imagine having your own chickens for eggs, or goats and pigs for dairy and meat. Imagine being able to earn a living off the soil beneath your feet. This is the world we are building around Thanda.
Our Organic Farming Programme is reducing food insecurity & malnutrition, building self-reliance among cash-dependent communities, and encouraging local enterprise development.

Self-Empowerment Workshops

Shifts mindsets from feelings of dependency to empowerment by encouraging each farmer to see his/her potential.

Training & Mentoring

Develops the technical skills necessary to start & maintain an organic farm, and provides assistance on setting up a small business enterprise.

Infrastructure Development

Establishes fencing and sustainable irrigation solutions at each farm to prevent crop devastation from drought or wild animals.

Guaranteed Market

Gives farmers the option to sell their produce to Thanda, which is used in our Feeding Programme and/or sold to retailers.