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Empowering Change Through Love - TAngela Larkan is the co-founder of the non-profit organization Thanda, and it is here that she works tirelessly to bring hope to thousands of rural community members through her innovative model...[Read more]

Drivers of Change Awards - True to the ethos that a solution is contained within every problem, there are innovative organisations and individuals who are successfully tackling the challenges facing...[Read more]

South Coast Earns Three National Awards - You may not have heard about the Siyavuna Development Centre and Thanda After-School, two local organisations that quietly get on with the task of making...[Read more]

Bringing Literacy to All - Research indicates that by the year 2015 an estimated 5.7-million children in South Africa will be orphaned, many of them left without any kind of support or infrastructure...[Read more]

Making a Difference to Children’s Lives - In 2008, Angela Larkan founded a non-governmental organisation called Thanda After-School in KwaZulu-Natal after extensive research showed there would be an...[Read more]

Special Report: 200 Young South Africans - At 22, Angela Larkan pioneered a smart solution to a local crisis. The estimate that there will be 5.7-million orphans in South Africa by 2015 catalysed Larkan into...[Read more]

Thanda Means Love - "...I thought about how my life might be different if I had just gotten a normal job," says Angela. There are at least 325 children that are thankful that Larkan did not get a "normal" job...[Read more]

Touched By An Angel - Nine years ago, Angela Larkan sat in her college dorm room in Connecticut, US, procrastinating - she was reading articles online. Forward to 2012, and Angela, now living on the KZN South...[Read more]

Ontmoet Angela Larkan, Clarins/SARIE Most Dynamic Woman 2011 - Nege jaar gelede het Angela Larkan in haar koshuiskamer in Connecticut, Amerika, gesit en die tyd verwyl deur artikels aanlyn te lees...[Read more]

Helping Communities Help Themselves - The future of South Africa is going to be built by the next generation. Their hopes, dreams, and wishes are being shaped each day. But our future doctors, leaders, accountants...[Read more]

Levi’s Uses Social Media to Support South African Orphans Affected by HIV/AIDS - Although the Levi’s brand is known for its sturdy yet fashionable denim, it can now be relied on for something else: fighting AIDS/HIV...[Read more]

A Place Where Love Grows - It's a hot Sunday afternoon in Hibberdene, a coastal village 100 km south of Durban. The dirt roads are deserted as people enjoy their lunches indoors - deserted, that is, apart...[Read more]