Hear Their Stories

Mondli -

"Thanda gave me a chance to be a leader."

Mondli - Thanda Learner, Grade 11
Lungisani -

"Thanda gave me a chance to improve my life. Now I know that I must forget the past, live the present and dream the future."

Lungisani - Thanda Learner, Grade 8
 Janet -

"Without the Thanda Library, children in the community would not have a comfortable, safe place where they can read and expand their knowledge. I can see how much progress my students are making, I can see a better future for them now."

Janet - Facilitator, Grades R/1
Nosipho -

"Thanda has taught me how to to cope with my own troubles, which has enabled me to help my own students deal with theirs. I'm proud of the difference I'm making in my community and I'm happy to see my students make the most of their lives."

Nosipho - Team Leader, High Schools
Msa -

"We as the Ndelu Land Trust have seen the good work that Thanda is doing for our community. As a trust, we must help our community meet their social needs but we understand that we can not achieve this alone, which is why we wanted Thanda to help us - because we both share a common goal of uplifting our community."

Msa - Chairperson, Ndelu Land Trust
Mrs. Ncgobo -

"Thanda is a source of hope and pillar of strength in enhancing education in South Africa."

Mrs. Ncgobo - Primary School Teacher at Sosukwane, a Thanda partner school