To empower people to create positive change - change in individuals, change in their communities, and eventually changes that impact the world.


In 2003, Angela Larkan began conducting ground research in Zululand for her thesis which focused on developing new methods of care for vulnerable children. She spoke to real people in real communities with a great deal of very real problems on their hands.

HIV/AIDS was crippling the country’s adult population, leaving many children orphaned and vulnerable. Most people were living well below the poverty line and could not afford to care for their own children, let alone someone else’s. But as she walked along dirt roads that wound their way through a vast expanse of rolling hills in rural Zululand and learned of the many problems that faced this beautiful community, she saw solutions.

Her thesis outlined a new model of support for children using after-school programmes and in 2008, Angela Larkan and Tyler Howard started Thanda on the ground. With the help of dedicated local staff and volunteers, what began as a basic model of after-school care has today become a holistic approach to investing in the community and developing a revolutionary education model for Africa.