After-school Education

With Thanda, learning is fun. We approach education by looking at thematic elements from philosophers such as Plato, artists such as Ai Weiwei, and superheroes such as Ironman as a lens for analyzing traditional belief systems, cultural identities, and active citizenship. Currently, our After-school Programmes support 720 children in Grades R-9 and are open to all children in our community. Our model uses existing resources cost-effectively: sessions take place in empty classrooms and local youth are trained to become educational facilitators. At the start of every after-school session, children are given a nutritious meal prepared by our cooks at sustainable community centre.

Our Creative Learning Curriculum (outlined below) serves as the foundation for our After-school Programmes and is designed to supplement each child’s standard education. The curriculum is built around stories, which are used to broaden horizons, make lateral connections across subject areas, link global issues to the local community, and cultivate five essential skills: self-esteem, critical thinking, empathy, rebelliousness, and creativity. Lessons are developed around available resources and are easily adapted to different age groups. Creativity and skills are prized above knowledge and right answers, and children are encouraged to have fun and take risks.

In addition to our After-school Programmes, our undeniably awesome Educational Facilitators started workshops to reach more children in surrounding schools. These workshops have enabled us to support an additional 13,500 students annually through:
Nutrition Puppet Shows
Whoonga Awareness
Life Skills for High Schoolers